Annual membership dues for our Post are $45 and are due on the anniversary of the date you joined the VFW or the date of annual renewal. Of course, you can always avoid annoying reminders for your annual payment by joining as or upgrading to a Life Membership. It's easy and affordable. You can even join as a Life Member on an installment plan! Here are the current fees for Life Membership:
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We have general membership meetings on the first Thursday of every month at the American Legion Hall, 225 E. Holding St, Wake Forest. We serve dinner (for a nominal donation) at 6 PM and start our meeting at 7 PM. Please join us!

Feel free to contact us at any time using the contact link on the home page of this website. You will be put in touch with our Post Service Officer who can either help you directly or forward you to the right person for your needs. Or you can contact our Certified Department Service Officer directly at 252-933-2040. We are here to assist you, and we will make it happen!

Simply put, the American Legion generally accepts Veterans of the US Military no matter where they served. The VFW however, only accepts Veterans of the US Military who served overseas in a combat zone or received hostile fire pay. Many VFW members are also members of the American Legion, but not all members of the American Legion are eligible to join the VFW. Click here to see further details on qualifications for membership in the VFW.

The difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day: As another Veterans Day approaches, Americans of every stripe have the opportunity to celebrate the sacrifice and selflessness that radiates from all military veterans. But a lot of Americans don’t know much about Veterans Day, and what’s worse, many confuse it with Memorial Day. Only through recognizing the true meaning and history of Veterans Day can Americans properly honor our veterans.
What’s the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day?
This is a big deal. Civilians who mean well legitimately confuse the two, but the different holidays should not be conflated. Memorial Day, which is reserved for the last Monday in May, is a date set aside to honor and remember those who have died in service to their nation. That’s why it’s common to see American flags planted on the graves of fallen service members, and also why the phrase "Happy Memorial Day ” should never be uttered. It’s a day of somber reflection.
Veterans Day, on the other hand, is reserved for thanking and celebrating living vets who served in the military, either in time of war or peace.

You would purchase most items through the VFW Store online. The VFW Store offers a variety of VFW branded items to show your elite status as a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States. It is the place to go to purchase your cap, shirts and other apparel, as well as pins, emblems, and accessories. Click here to visit the VFW Store.

VFW Member Cap: Post 8466 recommends the Regular Style, Regular Weight Overseas Cap to wear at Post Meetings and functions. For men, click here to purchase yours. For women, please click here.
VFW Polo Shirt: To present a uniform appearance, we recommend a VFW Polo Shirt with the VFW Logo, Post # and City/State embroidery (Option C, or Option Q for Life Members). Red is always a good color, but color is optional. Men should click here to purchase theirs. Women should click here. We also offer custom polos and sweatshirts specific for Post 8466. See the Post Quartermaster to purchase or order yours.
VFW Name Badge: Don't go to a meeting or a convention without your name tag! We will provide you with a name badge, but in case you need a replacement or an additional, we recommend the black all-purpose name badge with the magnetic back (unless you have a pacemaker). Add your Post Number and City/State. Click here to purchase yours.