Without our nation’s Veterans, America wouldn't be the great nation it is today. Our youth deserve to learn about our rich history, traditions and the role of our veterans in creating and shaping America. We honor our teachers who bring the story of our Veterans to their students, while instilling in them the values of patriotism, civic responsibility and flag etiquette.

Each year, the Veterans of Foreign Foreign Wars selects elementary, middle, and high school teachers to participate in the Smart/Maher VFW National Citizenship Education Teacher program.

Who Is Eligible?

  1. Teachers who promote civic responsibility, flag etiquette and patriotism are prime candidates for this award. For example, do you know a teacher who plans field trips to city hall or organizes community volunteer projects? Maybe you know an instructor who invites veterans into the classroom to discuss their military experiences. Perhaps you are familiar with a teacher who fosters the development of democratic values and beliefs through special projects. If you know of such a teacher, honor him or her today.

  2. All current certified/licensed teachers in grades K-12 are eligible. Previous national winners are ineligible. Nominations can be submitted by themselves, fellow teachers, supervisors, family members or any other interested individual.

Documentation required for all Candidates:

  1. All Post-level nominees should provide a minimum one-page resume, up to five pages as a maximum of documentation of their teaching experience (for example: references, news articles, etc.) and a head-and-shoulder photo of themselves. These items will be forwarded on to the Department with the winning Teacher Entry form. You must submit your nomination to Wake Forest VFW Post 8466 by October 31.

You may call to arrange for delivery of your materials, or simply mail it to us (must be postmarked before midnight October 31) at the address at the bottom of this page.